20 janeiro 2021

Lace front wigs is the new trend


How about a radical change in the hair without having to cut or dye the locks? A good option are lace front wigs (wigs with a special feature: it comes with an internal screen that simulates the scalp where the hair strands are sewn one by one)

With a new face! The wig is an accessory that has crossed centuries and is still today an option to give that variety in style. It is common in the United States for black women to change their looks frequently. Invest in yours!

There are several different ways to style your wig. However, sometimes people get stuck using the same style over and over. You didn't spend all that money on a wig to wear it in just one style, so let me introduce you to different ways to style your front wig. Lace wigs have gradually become a beautiful magic weapon for girls. Human hair lace front wigs are popular because you can style them as if they were your natural hair. You can braid, curl, use it in a ponytail or leave it loose.

Many fans of wigs have several at their disposal. According to their mood of the day or style of clothing, they can choose one of the most useful wigs. This means that sometimes Front Lace wigs can satisfy your desire to change your hair style in a very short time. And everyone can be a hairdresser.

And today there is a type of wig called lace frontal wigs with baby hair, which is made with the purest hair that exists, which are baby hair, hair without chemicals or coloring, totally virgin.

Today in the market we have many stores with wigs, which have very cool prices, which fit perfectly in our budget. You can find cheap lace front wigs at the Wiggins Hair store, with many options and prices that fit in your pocket.

The store operates in many wig markets around the world, including many customers around the world, how about totally changing your look today?

West Kiss New Wigs For New Year, New Look


West Kiss New Wigs For New Year, New Look

As the New Year begins, it is time to have a new look. West Kiss Hair Store is a good shop for all kinds of hair wigs, come on and see below typical hair wigs.

1. Body Wave HD Skin Melt Lace Wigs

  The first recommendation is the body wave HD lace wig. HD lace is a high definition of other common laces which that match all skin colors perfectly. People can shop freely without considering the match of skin tones and lace colors. This skin melt HD lace wig with ultra-soft undetected high-quality swiss lace and invisible knots black human virgin hair can meet all customers’ needs.

  The available hair lengths are from 20 inches to 36 inches, people who like long hairstyles don’t miss it. Long hair length with body wave hair texture can make a woman charming and graceful, especially in winter.

  There are also four different lace sizes can let customers choose: HD 5x5 lace closure, HD 6x6 lace closure, HD 13x4 lace frontal, HD 13x6 lace frontal. Both lace closure and lace frontal have their own advantages, people can choose freely by their preferences.

2. Curly Hair HD Lace Wigs

  This curly hair HD lace wig is similar to the above body wave HD lace wig. The biggest difference between these two HD lace wigs is the hair texture. Curly hair is one of the most popular hair textures, as the curls give volume and movement to the hair which can make people look active and lovely. Most people would like to choose these kinds of lace wigs to enrich their beauties.

  Besides, all HD lace wigs can get an extra 7% off with code “HDWIG”.

3. Short Straight Bob Wigs

  Finishing talking about the long hair lace wigs, the next recommendation is the short straight bob wig. The short bob style is one of the hottest things in hair right now, as many Hollywood stars like Rosie Huntington, Lily Collins, and Scarlett Johansson all go for this short style. Different from the long hair wigs, short bob wigs can make people look clean and cool.

  In West Kiss Hair, the short straight hair wigs have four different hair colors available: #Natural Black, #99J Burgundy, #1B/99J, #27 Honey Blonde. Different hair colors reflect different feelings, come and get one to color the winter.

4. Straight Blonde Lace Front Wigs

  Blonde color is a classic bright color, it is shining and easy to make a girl look like a real princess. That’s why most girls are addict to this color. Straight blonde lace front wigs are also hot-selling in West Kiss Hair store. A straight blonde lace front wig is made of 100% human virgin hair in #613 blonde color and a swiss lace in transparent color. All barbie girls come on and don’t miss it.

5. Brown Body Wave Wigs

  #8 Brown color is not as bright as the blonde, but it is also charming and feminine. Some people may think 613 blonde is too eye-catching, they want some subtle colors, this #8 brown color can be a great choice. This is a perfect match for winter, especially if people match the body wave hair texture.

Now all wigs can get an extra 6% off with code “WKWIG”. Just come on and shop in West Kiss Hair!


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07 dezembro 2020

Wiggins Hair-Christmas Must Buy Guide

 Hello girls 2020 is coming to an end, and the long-awaited Christmas is coming soon. Do you want to buy good-quality hair wigs at Christmas? Do you have more hairstyles to show your beauty at Christmas?

Ok, wiggins hair official Site has prepared these for you. Here, you can buy high-quality hair wigs. There are a variety of wigs for you to choose. The Christmas pre-sale has been started, and there are ultra-low discounts. You can get high-quality wigs at a favorable price. Are you excited?

Next, I will recommend you a guide to Christmas must-buy, so that you can get it at the lowest price, and let you be the most beautiful and fashionable girl at Christmas.

1、Loose Deep Wave Wigs

Loose deep wave wigs is the NO1 selling product on website. SlayedBy Jordan high recommend 40inches 13*4 lace frontal loose deep wave wigs, already sold 7000+, Of course, there are many types of Loose deep wave wigs, such as 2*6/4*4/5*5/6*6 closure wigs, 13*4/13*6/370 frontal wigs, 6*6/13*4 fake scalp wigs, #99j/#017/#30 colored wigs, deep part/pre plucked/natural hairline/customization, 24% Off hot sale, extra 7% off with code loosedeep, give you a perfect shopping experience, get slay wigs now.

2、6*6 Closure Wigs

Hot sale finest quality 6*6 lace closure wigs with baby hair, we have various hair wigs style include loose deep wave wigs, deep wave wigs, body wave wigs, straight human hair wigs etc, Start at $98.48, 130%-250% density, 8-40inches in stock, offer natural black, honey blonde, 99j burgundy, the Wigs are very light weight and breathableeasy care & easy wear.

3、Headband Wigs

headband wigs can be said to be one of the most popular hair in 2020Of course we cant fall behind, we provide 10-30inches natural looking human hair half wigs no plucking headband wigs with various headbands, can choose natural black, #017, #99J, #27 etc, lowest to $65.76, 36% off sale, More favorable is: curly & loose deep headband wigs only $196.49, kinky straight & curly wigs only $215.26, My goodness buy it now.

4、Colored Wigs

Colored wigs, during major Christmas holidays, I think they must be bought because she can make you the most eye-catching girl in the crowd, all kinds of ombre wigs, blonde wigs, 99J burgundy wigs, highlight front wigs, great quality glueless colored lace wigs at affordable price, Especially #017 Colored wigs is the most popular, 24% off sale 10-30inches in stock, 150-200% density,

wavy-straight-curly to choose, 100% human hair wigs with baby hair, 2020 Top Selling Celebrity Styles.

5、HD Lace Wigs

We offer new arrival HD 5*5/6*6/13*4 lace frontal closure wigs, body wave/straight hair skin melt hd wigs 16-40inches in stock, top quality swiss lace, lace is lighter and thinner & invisible knots, march all skin, looks natural as real skin, 180%-250% density, free get $20 coupon, 2020 fashion popular wigs styles, offer a natural looking style and shopping experience.

The above are some suggestions. Christmas, there can be more kinds of beauty, come to our website, you can definitely find more beauty.