13 agosto 2022

Baby silicone products: Newtop Rubber

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We know that food introduction is one of the most important milestones in a child's life, in addition, parents prepare for months to finally reach this stage, thinking about it, we always look for products with superior quality so that our children always have the best. Did you guys know that the best material to start food introduction is silicone? Yes, that's right you read, because silicone is non-toxic and totally safe.

The silicone feeding set is part of the introduction of food for babies in a practical and really safe way. In what way? I explain!

Silicone dishes are malleable, light and do not release toxins into food. In addition, its models with dividers and varied colors make the activity of feeding, for the baby, more fun, playful and attractive.

We know that the introduction of food requires a lot of attention, patience and perseverance to be carried out efficiently and thus form an ideal health base for the baby. And we also know that this task is not easy. There will be moments when the baby will want to push the dish, hold it and even throw it away.

With the silicone plate there will be no risk of breaking or spreading residues of its material, as would happen if it were a glass plate, for example. Silicone plates are perfect for this phase, as they are resistant and non-toxic.

The silicone spoon and fork are also perfect. As the material is flexible, you can have peace of mind while your baby is learning. Even if he brings the object to his face, it won't hurt him. And there are also the cups that are also malleable (ideal for serving liquids from 12 months onwards) and to complete the perfection of these incredible items, there are the silicone bibs.

And to complete this phase of food introduction, we can't help but sanitize our baby's teeth, and the silicone material comes into action again, because according to experts, the silicone toothbrush is the best option to start oral hygiene.

There are specialists in this area of silicone that make customized products, we currently have a company that is a pioneer in this field: the company Newtop Rubber. We highly recommend her work, and ask that you be sure to get to know her.

A kiss, and until next time <3

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