03 abril 2022

Body shapers_ Shapellx

 Hello everyone, everything good?

Did you guys know that modeling straps are items that are getting smarter on the market? Many people are looking for the ideal body, thinking about it, these women have found a safe and modern way to shape their body without much difficulty.

Today I present to you an innovative store in the market, specialist in body shaping and body belts for women of all sizes, the plus size line of the brand is fantastic, it has several models for women to see what their style and favorite shape is, see the what the brand says about this line plus size waist trainer:

"Compression that flatters CollectionThe go-to line for body shaping solutions for women of all sizes. The Plus & Shape Collection is 2-in-1: A Confidence Booster & Your Own Superpower. 

It features handy undergarments that will shape you in all the right places with various compression levels.It will sculpt, contour, and control your tummy, hips and thighs and lift your butt and breasts like a second skin.It shaves off inches in minutes and gets you snug for evening dresses or your everyday workwear, with a seamless base that’ll hold its fit all day long.It’ll make you look slimmer. Everywhere. It’ll lift and firm your body in all the right places, without anyone knowing what you’ve got underneath.Get smooth lines, without bulges. Forget what a muffin top looks or feels like, because what you wear is between you and your morning cup of coffee".

Speaking of another line of products, we have this one that is specialized for women who train and like to pick up weight, these products help with an upright posture, tone and help slimming and shaping the waist. See what the brand says about the best waist shaper:

"For a turn-heads body and creating your own signature “snatched-waist” look, go for our elastic waist-trainers. Made to be progressively tightened, they tone, slim, and shape your waistline — taking inches off your belly. Our waist trainers line helps improve your posture and make your torso appear visually longer. They help you sit up straight and encourage proper lifting technique, for when you’re at the gym, while you’re getting all the benefits of better form & better fitness.

The secret added benefit of wearing a waist trainer is that during meals it’ll make you feel full faster, as it squeezes your stomach. This will help you lower your portion sizes and achieve indirect weight loss benefits as well. This heavy lifting multitasking category of waist strainers will sculpt and shape your body and targeting the areas you want most, for maximum results".

And finally, we'll talk about the shapewear bodysuits, they are straps that take the torso with the aim of the ultra-slimming effect, softening the belly, back and butt at once, see what the brand says about the shapewear bodysuits:

"Bodysuits for an Enviable Hourglass Figure CollectionThis is your hidden finishing touch for flawless looking outfits. Our bodysuits contour, shape and highlight your curves while smoothing the needed areas to achieve an hourglass shape. The ultra-slimming effect wraps your figure to flaunt a fabulous shape. Choose from a variety of compression levels, shaping structures and sculpting bodysuits to contour your body the way you want.With an easy fit, they smooth your stomach, back, and butt all at once.Our bodysuits are super flattering, comfortable and conform to your curves.They’re breathable, feel good to the body and keep you snatched with a close fit and giving you the shape, you’re looking for".

And remembering that the store has many discounts, don't be left out, come shaper your body with high quality products!

A big hug.

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  1. Adoreiiii!!
    já quero um de cada cor pra mim rsrs!
    Vou lá conhecer um pouco mais da marca!