22 maio 2022

Graduation look as a guest_ Azazei

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Receiving the invitation to accompany a special someone's graduation party is usually a special moment. Next comes the concern with the look for the invited graduation. Do you know what the main bets are? We have prepared a guide on the subject, with tips for prom dress models.

How to dress when invited to a graduation?

The party is usually formal, but be aware if there is any differentiated indication of a dress code in the invitation. In general, guests can wear dresses of different lengths (short, midi, long and long), refined skirts, overalls and even tailored pants with a stylish shirt.

With that in mind, start with self-knowledge. Which pieces best match your style? How would you feel confident, beautiful and elegant? It's no use investing in trends if they don't represent your way of being.

Let's start the list of suggestions for the dresses, which are the darlings of the guests. The tip is not to overdo it with sensual features, brightness and details. Moderation is the keyword. See the photos below:

The shine can be present, yes, but without very elaborate embroidery and rhinestones. More matte and closed tones are the most sought after by prom dresses guests

The little black dress can leave the basics with one-shoulder neckline prom dresses with split

The red color draws a lot of attention and, to balance, the modeling can be more classic.

The earth tone look brings the romanticism, and the delicacy that the look needs

It is important to emphasize that the focus of the evening is on the trainees. So use common sense and let their looks stand out. You can even use glitter, but in moderation. It can come in some embroidered detail or in a more matte metallic. Avoid plunging necklines and bold slits. Lace and light transparencies on the sleeves and hem of the skirt are welcome.
When choosing clothes, be careful with the fabric. It should refer to something more formal. So no mesh, for example. Bet on crepe, sable, silk… The little black dress or not so basic has a lot of strength in this type of event.
Complete the look with makeup that evens out the skin and highlights the eyes or mouth. It's also worth something lighter, with neutral tones (pearl eyeshadow and nude lipstick, for example), and a glowing touch, with a little highlighter on the temples. Invest in waterproof products to prevent dripping if you cry or break out in a sweat while having fun on the dance floor.

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